Paragon Impact


The Paragon +Grading tool guides our partners and clients through a standardised methodology that consumes data from various public or private sources and assesses the data in the context of the client’s impact on the SDGs and their risks associated with their ESG strategy. The tool integrates the latest ESG/impact standards and frameworks into one consolidated system, generating deeper value from the data while ensuring compliance with growing ESG regulation. Combining Paragon’s technology and our skills with that of our partner network, we generate a measured impact on the society, economy and environment in which our client operates, measured by a Paragon +Grading.



The Paragon +Grading Tool is a novel approach to bridge the gap between the intentions and the impact of an organisation, thus helping to build their theory of change and navigate simply towards their ESG and sustainable impact goals. Our robust methodology carries out a detailed analysis of the impact (positive and negative) across an organisation’s sphere of influence by quantifying the Scale, Magnitude and Duration of the impact as well as the Probability and Risk associated with it. This process requires high quality & verifiable data in order to respond to 53 expertly curated impact statements, informing the performance against all 17 SDGs and the ESG sub-themes.


A measure of the extent of the impact – geographical and/or social.


The extent to which the impact is being experienced at the assigned Scale; taking direct vs indirect impacts into consideration.


A measure of the lifespan of the impact to be experienced at the assigned scale.


The likelihood of the impact occurring at the assigned Scale, Duration and Magnitude; taking volatility, risk and governance factors into consideration.


Each grading assessment first completes a strategic four-tier materiality weighting process across all SDGs, which identifies the relative importance of the SDGs from those that are Core to the organisation to those that are Negligible. The associated weighted algorithms allow personalised yet comparable performance results to be produced, as they deliver ‘Core SDG only’ results and gradings, as well as those integrated Comprehensively across all SDGs and ESG sub-themes. All of these findings are supported by an integrated dashboard and reporting outputs, summarising the Core and Comprehensive Gradings as well as critically highlighting potential risks factors and long-term monitoring needs.

ESG & Impact Advisory

Paragon Impact and our partners provide market leading ESG and impact advisory services. We guide clients on building organisational policies and procedures that manage ESG risk. We take it a step further by also building ESG strategies that lead to real socio-economic and environmental impact in our client’s value chain.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their social licence to operate is not at risk due to any negative ESG impacts, and where there are, we provide strategic guidance on how to mitigate these, while seeking ways to also maximise positive impacts. This approach secures our clients a more sustainable business model and builds on their reputational, social and natural capital.

We also upskill our client’s leadership on various elements on ESG and impact, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions.


We provide a baseline intelligence risk and opportunities report and compare a clients current ESG activities to competitors and international best practices.

ESG Strategy

We develop a strategic roadmap to create measurable value from a clients ESG efforts. We help them prioritise their strategic targets for the most significant impact.


We project manage a client’s implementation of their ESG strategy. We conduct the upskilling and training you need to reach your targets, while ensuring good governance.

Partners enable +Scale

What we provide our partners with...

Onboarding, ESG training and development

  • ESG basics and introduction to the SDGs
  • The current and future ESG regulatory landscape
  • ESG risk vs. SDG Impact
  • ESG taxonomy
  • Executive workshops on ESG
  • Paragon +Grading training

ESG analytic services

  • Assisting clients on conducting ESG and impact assessments 
  • 3rd party independent verification reviews of Paragon +Gradings 
  • General ESG advisory 
  • Technology integration and APIs

Materiality Tools

We provide the expertise and technology platform to guide clients through a ‘double materiality’ analysis

ESG Data Tools

Directed by materiality, our data module delivers a cloud-based data management system

ESG Strategy Tool

Our technology provides the global frameworks for our partners to assist their clients in developing a sophisticated ESG strategy

SDG Impact Assessment

Our Paragon +Grading tool provides an SDG impact analysis of a client’s material ESG performance

What our partners provide their clients with...

Built into our partners products and services, they provide superior ESG advisory and assurance services, powered by Paragon Impact. We ensure that our partners remain up to date with global standards and frameworks, which is embedded into our technology and our people.
By doing this, we empower our partners to better serve their clients with innovative ESG technology and expertise. Our partners earn consulting and annuity income associated with the technology licencing. Embedding the technology into client engagements increases dependence and client retention.

Materiality Report

Generate a digital report that outlines a client’s material ESG issues and the associated weighting each issue carries

ESG Data Management

Provides clients with a centralised cloud-based ESG data management tool, tracking compliance with global indicators

ESG Strategy

Constructs a market leading ESG strategy for a client that tackles a clients most material ESG risks and SDG impacts

SDG Impact Grading

Produce a digital dashboard and reports that measures a client’s weighted impacts on the UN SDGs, including risk and opportunities


A key component of the success of our combined ESG engagements simplifying the often-complex landscape associated with it. Our experts provide support services to ensure a successful partner-client engagement that delivers results and stays ahead of the constantly evolving ESG standards, frameworks and regulations