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The Paragon +Grading tool guides our partners and clients through a standardised methodology that consumes data from public or private sources and assesses the data in the context of the client’s impact on the SDGs and their risks associated with their ESG strategy.

The tool integrates the latest ESG & impact standards into one consolidated system, generating deeper value from the data while ensuring compliance with growing ESG regulation.

ESG and impact advisory services

Paragon Impact and our partners provide market leading ESG and impact advisory services. We guide clients on building organisational policies and procedures that manage ESG risk. We take it a step further by also building ESG strategies that lead to real socio-economic and environmental impact in our client’s value chain.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their social licence to operate is not at risk due to any negative ESG impacts, and where there are, we provide strategic guidance on how to mitigate these, while seeking ways to also maximise positive impacts. This approach secures our clients a more sustainable business model and builds on their reputational, social and natural capital. We also upskill our client’s leadership on various elements on ESG and impact, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions.


We provide ESG training for general staff and focused ESG upskilling for executives and boards. This ensures clients are up to date with ESG and can make informative decisions on ESG issues.


We develop a strategic roadmap to create measurable value from a clients ESG efforts. We help them prioritise their strategic targets for the most significant impact guided by effective policies.


Through our Paragon +Grading tool, we asses performance on ESG strategy and material impacts, providing unique insights into the ESG risks and impacts – which can be used for various reporting requirements.

The full benefit of the Paragon + Grading suite

SDG Impact Grading

Grading Methodology

The Paragon +Grading Tool is a novel approach to bridge the gap between the intentions and the impact of an organisation, thus helping to build their theory of change and navigate simply towards their ESG and sustainable impact goals. Our robust methodology carries out a detailed analysis of the impact (positive and negative) across an organisation’s sphere of influence by quantifying the Scale, Magnitude and Duration of the impact as well as the Probability and Risk associated with it. This process requires high quality & verifiable data in order to respond to 53 expertly curated impact statements, informing the performance against all 17 SDGs and the ESG sub-themes.


A measure or the extent or the impact – geographical and/or social.


The extent to which the impact is being experienced at the assigned scale’ taking direct vs indirect impacts into consideration.

paragon Impact


A measure of the lifespan of the impact to be experienced at the assigned scale.


The likelihood of the impact occurring at the assigned Scale, Duration and Magnitude; taking volatility, risk and governance factors into consideration.

SDG Weighting

Each grading assessment first completes a strategic four-tier materiality weighting process across all SDGs, which identifies the relative importance of the SDGs from those that are Core to the organisation to those that are Negligible. The associated weighted algorithms allow personalised yet comparable performance results to be produced, as they deliver ‘Core SDG only’ results and gradings, as well as those integrated Comprehensively across all SDGs and ESG sub-themes. All of these findings are supported by an integrated dashboard and reporting outputs, summarising the Core and Comprehensive Gradings as well as critically highlighting potential risks factors and long-term monitoring needs.

Paragon + Grading packages


Materiality determines weighting that each SDG carries and isolates key indicators that require disclosure.


Relevant data points are selected and presented to a client to capture and disclose for reporting and analysis.

Impact Assessment

The data is analysed in the context of the impact the data reflects and consolidated into an SDG impact grading.

SDG Impact Grading

The Paragon +Grading output provides alignment to company specific ESG impact strategies but also allows for compliance with various existing and emerging ESG regulations through the Paragon Strategy and Governance tool, with advisory services if required.

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